Dard Kahani

Dard Kahani

The newlywed artist and an acclaimed singer, Falak Shabir, has recently released a new song, namely Dard Kahani. Starring Falak Shabir and Mehrunnisa, this video song is beautifully directed by Rizwan Sherazi and produced by Backstage Productions. 

Backstage Productions is a creative and innovation-driven digital music studio equipped to cope with the challenges of modern time, as says its tagline. Backstage Productions goes by the name, Backstage Records on YouTube. 

Nevertheless, although the video of the song is saddening and full of sentiments, it is the music, composition, and lyrics that make it stand out as a song about deep love, deprivation, and heartbreak. The music of Dard Kahani is rendered by Fakhar Abbas and Shajar Shaukat and the lyrics by Tayyab Amin and Falak Shabir. Lastly, the song is composed by Fakhar Abbas and Tayyab Amin. Although it is good to acknowledge the artists, here is the good, the bad, and the ugly in Shabir’s 5-minute long video song. 

How Is It?

Released on September 25th on YouTube, the video song is shot at beautifully exotic locations. The cast – Shabir and Mehrunnisa – really do complement each other. The song starts with Falak ripping pages from a notepad and then throwing them off. As far as the song video is concerned, Falak is shot by the end of the video, which is why it won’t be wrong to say that Falak – as the protagonist and romantic lover in the video – is writing a love song for Mehrunissa – his bride-to-be.

However, as far as the video songs are concerned, the locations do not matter as much as the scenes that are shot because it is through a thoroughly shot video do you understand the gist of the story. And in Dard Kahani, the scenes have been shot quite remarkably. The song’s video has equally focused on the details by explaining the conflict between Nayyar Aijaz – the father – and Mehrunnisa. Moreover, the video is not too focused on Mehrunnisa as it shows the actor and the actress both for a seemingly equal span of time, which gives the audience rest and the video does not look too overwhelming either. The video shows her randomly frisking and frolicking, which does justice to the locations and the kind of vibes the video gives. Moreover, the quality of the video also shows that the video is shot with the help of advanced equipment.

One of the prime reasons the video of the song looks elegant is the dressing of the actor and the actress. Through different spans of time in the video, both the characters have different embroidered and bedazzled clothes on, which enables the audience to really blend in. 

While the song’s video portion is beautiful and appealing, the audio outweighs the video. As a lyrical duo, Shabir and Amin seem to have put enough effort into the song. If anything, it’s the lyrics that capture the song’s essence. Shabir’s soulful, soft, and tender voice accompanied by a set of compressions and rarefaction in the melody is capable of touching hearts. It is harmonious and flowing, and it indeed reminds us of 2012 Shabir, who sang Mera Mann Kehne Laga.

Amongst the meager Pakistani names representing Pakistan across the border and internationally, Falak truly is an asset. Not only does he bring about the best of himself in every song, but he also consistently improves and outdoes himself.

Written By: Daniyal Sanaullah


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